Design Your Best 2023 @ TAG

No activity is more powerful than pen on paper when we set big goals. Join us as we review 2022 and make big plans for the year ahead!

Design Your Best 2023
Design Your Best 2023


  • torsdag d. 19. januar 2023
  • 16:30
  • Talent Garden Rainmaking

Over the course of 2 hours we move graciously through the year past, as well as take stock of what we have in this present moment, before moving on to setting (big, hairy, audacious) goals for the year ahead. The workshop is a mix of mindfulness exercises, solid facts on the functioning of the mind, and powerful writing exercises to ink what’s truly in your heart. You might be surprised how much you’re holding yourself back. This workshop is a gift to anyone who wants to improve their overall level of energy. Make sure you have your pen and paper ready, because this is gonna be one for the history books. Offered with love by Talent Garden Rainmaking & CFO Light

Talent Garden Rainmaking
Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 1434 København

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