Virtual Software Development Conference 2022

The software development conference of the year is coming up. From November 9 till November 11. Here you'll find great networking opportunities and inspirational talks.



  • onsdag d. 9. november 2022
  • 09:00
  • Frederiksberg

Do you work or study in Tech? The Software Development Conference by Build Stuff is a good networking opportunity to find your dream job, or find the candidates that you’re looking for. At this event you’ll also get a chance to update your skills & learn about trends in the software development field. Furthermore, you can find developers like you and engage in new, exciting projects.


You can register for a free ticket and get access to the different areas of the conference,
100 talks, and 3 days of great networking venues.


Topics at this year’s conference: 

  • Big Data, Quantum computing & Machine Learning
  • Cloud & Serverless infrastructure
  • DevOps practices, Programming Methodologies & Tools
  • IoT, Robotics
  • Monolithic Approach, Microservices & Distributed systems
  • Agile, Productivity & Soft skills
  • Languages & Platforms
  • Coding Practices
  • Low-code platforms & Tools
  • Cyber Security, Privacy & Data Security


Price: Free

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